Workshops/Presentations I have done

Here are some of the workshops and presentations (and similar) I have done.

Some additional presentations and webinars have been on:

  • Demand High ELT
  • The Post-method era and South Korea
  • KELTchat
  • Reflection for co-teaching
  • Feedback from Students
  • Reflection and Feedback from Students
  • Are “bad” teaching behaviors so bad?
  • And more


This is always a work in progress….

Some of the presentations listed were presented with a group or co-presenter. I didn’t mention my lovely co-presenters for no reason other than space and memory.

I also did lots of one-off training sessions for school boards that (mostly) do not appear here.

The slides are probably not super useful if you want to glean any info about the presentation. Please feel free to ask me anything!



2017/9   KOTESOL Reflective Practice SIG Day of Reflection Workshop
“But what if we are wrong?
Here is a link to the slides
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2017/6 Jeonju KOTESOL Chapter Meeting  Workshop
Engaging with Narratives of English Language Teaching  (with Michael Chesnut)

2017/6 excitELT Conference Demo Class
“Exploring Cultural Bumps”

2017/6 excitELT Conference Plenary Talk
“Why are we here?”

2017/1 Webinar for IATEFL Teacher Development SIG
“Sorry Katie!” (Reflections on some mistakes made in class)


2016/10 Webinar for TEFL Equity Advocates
“Exploring NNS Issues on a Teacher Training Course”

2016/10 KOTESOL International Conference
“Is It Okay to Teach English instead of 21st Century Skills?”
Related blog post

2016/6 FEELTA/Asia TEFL Conference
“What Can Behavioral Economics Tell Us about Teaching EFL?”

2016/5 KOTESOL National Conference
“Lessons from Behavioral Economics for EFL Teachers”
Related blog post

2016/04 Seoul KOTESOL Chapter Conference
Ten-minute Takeaway Talk
“Ten Minutes of Caution (on Ten Minute Takeaways)”
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2016/3 excitELT Conference
“Teach Like a Freak: How Freakonomics might inform EFL teaching”

2016/3 excitELT Conference
“Examining assumptions about “good” and “bad” teaching techniques”


2015/6 JALT TED SIG Teacher Journeys Conference
“Exploring teaching journeys through letters to our #youngerteacherself”
Related materials including slides

2015/6 Webinar for World Learning SIT TESOL trainers
“Social Media for Trainer Professional Development
Slides: Social media for trainer professional development
Related Blog Post 

2015/5 IAFOR Asian Conference Language Learning
Featured Talk: “How we talk about teaching (in South Korea)”
Slides How we talk about teaching (1)

2015/4 Gangwondo KOTESOL Chapter Meeting
“Exploring (some of) Thornbury’s Big Questions in ELT”
Slides: Exploring (some of) Thornbury’s

“Four activities I wish I knew when I started teaching.”
Blog post on the topic 
Slides: Four activities I wish I knew when

2015/1  Thai-TESOL
“The Experiential Learning Cycle for Better Feedback on Observed Lessons.”
Related writing
Slides: LC for observation (2)

2014 and earlier 

2014/12  English Expo Korea
“Exploring (some of) Thornbury’s Big Questions in ELT” (with #KELTchat Team)
Slides: Exploring (some of) Thornbury’s

2014/11 JALT Conference
Activities Across Borders: Reflecting on Contexts and Activities

2014 KOTESOL International Conference

  1. Workshop: “Steal your way to creativity: FlashmobELT”
  2. Workshop: Co-teaching and Reflection  
  3. Workshop: Korean Culture in the EFL Classroom

2014/5 KOTESOL National Conference

  1. Presentation/Discussion: Are we really in the post-methods era?
  2. Workshop: You’re doing it wrong: Examining “Bad” teacher moves

2013/10  KOTESOL International Conference
“An RP-SIG Interview with Tom Farrell”

2013/10 JALT International Conference
Workshop: “Promoting Reflection through Student Feedback”

2013/03 Seoul KOTESOL Conference
“How to do a Bad Reading Lesson”

Gwangju/Cheonan KOTESOL Conference
Plenary:  “Becoming a Better Teacher Through Reflective Practice?”

Workshop: “A Bad Reading Lesson”
This blog post is related. 

2012/11 Gyeonggi-do Ministry of Education,
Paper Presentation and Workshop: “Combining Observation and Reflection”
Here are some materials that are related.

2012/10 KOTESOL International Conference
Panel: “#KELTchat: Professional Development at Your Fingertips”

2012/10 JALT International Conference
Workshop: “Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Observation Feedback”

2012/07 UCC Center 3+3 Course Closure Event
Workshop: “Next Step(s) in Professional Development.”
Here are some materials from this workshop. 

2012/06 Seoul KOTESOL Chapter Meeting
Open Space Workshop: “Dealing with Common Issues: An Open Space Workshop”

2012/05 Gangnam District Workshop: “Classroom Management”
Here are some materials from this workshop. 

2012/05 Daegu KOTESOL Chapter
Workshop: “Teaching Unplugged in South Korea?”
No materials available for this workshop. 

2011/12 Gyoungsang Province Ministry of Education
Paper Presentation and Workshop:  “Co-Teaching: How to make it better”

2011/11 KOTESOL Thanksgiving Symposium
Workshop:  “Introduction to the Experiential Cycle: What?”

2011/11 Chung-Ang University International Interpretation Conference
Paper Presentation: “Rising Dragons and Elephants in the Room in the Year of the Rabbit”
This is piece is related. 

2011/10 KOTESOL International Conference
Panel Discussion:  “Teaching Training in Korea: Now and in the Future”

2011/08 Gyeonggi-do EPIK Training
Workshop:  “Perspectives on Lesson Planning”

2011/08 Seungnam GEPIK Orientation
Workshop:  “All about Instructions”

2011/03 Daegu KOTESOL Chapter Meeting
Workshop: “LEE: Not Just Another Acronym”

2010/11 Daegu KOTESOL Chapter Meeting
Group Presentation “Really Relating Training Courses to Real Life”

2010/10 Chung-Ang University International Interpretation Conference
Paper Presentation: “Using Online Corpus Tools to Check Linguistic Intuitions”
This piece is related. 

2010/06 Daegu Educational Training Institute
Workshop: “Teacher Talk: Warning and Options”

2010/05 KOTESOL National Conference,
Workshop:  “The Power of LEE”

2010/05 KOTESOL National Conference
Workshop “Practical ideas for Effective Activity Delivery”

2010/04 Seoul KOTESOL Chapter Meeting,
Workshop: “Who is Afraid of a little Teacher Talk?”
Here are some materials from this workshop. 

2010/03 Seoul KOTESOL Conference
Workshop: “Effective Activity Delivery”

2010/02 Gangnam District Training Meeting
Workshop “Ideas for grammar lessons”

2009/10, KOTESOL International Conference
“Three of my favorite grammar lessons”


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