Teach like a Freak: The Collection

This page will serve as the home for my posts and links related to Freakonomics as it might connect to English teaching.

More information on Freakonomics

If you are unfamiliar with Freakonomics please see this explanation on the Freakonomics About Page. Please check out these Amazon links for their books Think like a FreakFreaknomics,SuperFreakonomics, and When to Rob a Bank 

Podcast suggestions

The following Freakonomics podcast links might be of interest to English language teachers (and others interested in education):

When willpower is not enough
Am I boring you?
Does “early education” happen way too late?
Is America’s education problem really just a teacher problem?

My blog posts

At the moment there are two posts. Here they are:

The upside of quitting 

The three hardest words