What is neguices?

What is neguices?

Actually, I have no idea! I don’t know what it means. It is a word that I use far too often though. I use it when someone is given a silly task where the result doesn’t matter at all and the person giving the task wouldn’t really know the difference between a job well done and a job just done. I usually just think about the word to myself rather than say it because people are not (yet) familiar with it.


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(It appears in the 12th paragraph)

Please note that neguices moments occur very frequently in education but are surely not limited to this field. Some examples:


  • Earlier this summer I was asked to write 2 syllabi in two days. This was clearly a nequices moment. Interestingly this request came around the same time I was talking, thinking and reading about “the post syllabus phase.” Clearly not everyone is in such a phase. Anyway, I couldn’t really devote the time necessary to do it in two days so I conjured up some neguices thoughts and just got it done.
  • Recently a friend was asked to write an 8 week curriculum in 2 days about business English. One of the major problems with this (aside from the ludicrous timing) was that she’s never taught business English before. Sounds like a perfect time to think of neguices.
  • Another friend was asked to create a series of lesson plans that nobody but the manager would ever see for students that would never actually appear, just to have some records of lesson plans for some reason that was never clear to my friend. Neguices.

So, when you are asked to do some busywork and you just don’t have time for it just think of neguices and don’t bother yourself too much. You know you can do a good job if given the  time. Just smile, submit what is asked for and worry about important things like students when the time comes.

In case you are wondering, my personal pronunciation is something like “nuh-gwee-sis.”

Say it with me, “neguices.”


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  2. annloseva

    Thanks a lot for clarification (or personal suggestion) re pronunciation of the word.
    I like this page (which I actually did to show).

    • mikecorea

      Thanks for the comments. I am always happy to see the word and idea of neguices spreading. Actually, I find it quite valuable for when we, as teachers, inevitably have to do some tasks that we don’t think are necessary for teaching. I think labelling it as neguices in my mind makes it a little easier to swallow. For me the best neguices situations are when the person demanding some busy work or paper work would not know the difference. Please do keep me informed if you ever meet with a neguices situation.

      • annloseva

        I absolutely agree with you about labeling it being helpful for overall well-being of a teacher confronted with a neguices case. Next time I face it I’ll smile and sneak in an easter egg into a paper nobody is likely to read.
        When I worked at school I had to go through it every day, filling the official registers with daily plans of my lessons by the book we didn’t use. Nobody ever cared to come and check, of course. I got skilled in the meantime. Some weird bonuses on neguices.
        I will keep you informed.

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  6. Joanna Malefaki

    Funny word. Can relate to the stories. Thanks for the pronunciation comment btw. I was wondering about that :p

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