jargon guru

A while back, one of my mentors shared the following thoughts  as related to “enlightenment” and jargon in teaching and training:

The naive beginner asks questions and really wonders things.

The second stage is when someone tries to be an expert or a guru and tries to master the jargon and the terminology and tries to prove that he/she can do it.

The guru stage is when the person abandons using the terminology and goes back to the naive questions.

[This is of course not a critique of anyone or the education practices that they are currently undertaking….just something interesting I thought I”d share.]


  1. @kevchanwow

    Well shared and very interesting indeed. I’m in kind of an anti-jargon kind of mood myself lately and this post is giving me some much needed confidence to maybe take the next step to a jargon-free-life.

    • mikecorea

      I am glad I shared it then….but at the same time I feel like perhaps we were on the “right” track when talking about the game and the context and the audience and everything like that. I dunno.

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