Interviews on ELT RRR

Here at ELT RRR I have been lucky enough to conduct interviews with some very interesting and thoughtful people. I was quite pleased with the results and I hope you will be too. You can find the interviews I have done thus far below with the most recent at the top. I’d like to do more, as it has been interesting and fun so if you have a suggestion or would like to be interviewed please let me know.

Thomas Farrell

Pete Clements

David Deubelbeiss

David Shaffer

Clare Maas

Chris Mares

Michael Free

TEFLologists (of the TEFLology podcast)

Neil Millington

Anne Hendler 

Marcos Benevides

Geoff Jordan 

Florentina Taylor 

Russ Mayne (aka EBEFL)

The Secret DOS 

Zhenya Polosatova

Other Interviews: 

(Video) interview of Scott Thornbury on Youtube

Interview of some members of the KELTchat junta on Youtube 

Lindsay Clanfield   (In KOTESOL’s “The English Connection” magazine, Winter 2012 )


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