Classroom Management Party [Workshop Materials]

Over the last couple of years I have done quite a few presentations on “Classroom Management.” Sorry for those that clicked on this hoping for a party of some sort. I just wanted to share some resources.

Below are some of the materials that I have used with some degree of success.
My hope is that readers will be able to “remix”  this material and use it as they see fit. If anyone has a question on how I might use the material (or anything really) please just let me know.

Another activity that I have had some success with is having participants arrange themselves in two rows. One side is the “experts” and the other side has a problem. The people with the problem (given on a slip of paper by me perhaps) share their problem with the experts. After some time (maybe 3 minutes or so) one row shifts down and the people that were formerly receiving advice for a particular problem are now giving advice. This continues until it gets boring.

This article  proved helpful, as did the six posts here from #iTDi  about managing large classrooms. (Hint: the six posts make an excellent jigsaw activity)

Classroom Management Profile

How true is each statement for you?

Please rank each statement 1-5.

1 – Strongly Disagree
2- Disagree
3- Neutral (not sure)
4- Agree
5- Strongly Agree


1) If a student interrupts me or other students I send him/her to the principal without any discussion.
2) I don’t want to give rules to my students.
3) The classroom must be quiet for students to learn.
4) Both what my students learn and how they learn is important to me.
5) It is not my problem if a student is late with an assignment.
6) I don’t want correct a students’ bad behavior because it might hurt their feelings.
7) Class preparation is not worth the time and effort.
(Teachers don’t need to focus on planning.)
8) I always try to explain the reasons for my rules and decisions.
9) I will not accept excuses from a student that is late.
10) Students feelings and emotional well-being is more important to me than classroom control.
11) My students know that they can interrupt my lesson if they have a question that is related to the lesson.
12) I usually give students permission to do something when they ask for it.

(adapted from

Find Someone Who…

1) …spends time at the beginning of the year to be clear about classroom rules and expectations
2)…posts classroom expectations rewards and consequences on the wall
3) …has a system for late or absent students
4) …rewards good behavior
5) …says please and thank you when possible
6)…models the behavior that they want students to do in the classroom
7) …moves around the room during lessons
8)…has students change their seats when possible
9)…ignores behavior that might increase if given attention
10)…uses VAKTy activities
11)…plans for backup activities for unexpected events
12)…lets the students know that their efforts and contributions are appreciated
13)…has a signal to show that behavior is inappropriate
14)…has additional tasks for students to do when they finish early
15) (your idea)….


Classroom Management Challenges 

Which of these are true for you?
Which of these are the most problematic?

a) Some of my students are noisy.

b) Some of my students have no interest in English.

c) Some of my students are too tired. Some even sleep in class!

d) There are too many students in my class!

e) Some of my students are bullies.

f) Some of my students get picked on and teased by other students in class.

g) My students only care about tests.

h) Some of my students are very rude and don’t show respect to me.

i) Some of my students focus too much on their hogwon classes.

j) Some of my students answer every question.

k) Some of my students are so shy and almost never talk.

l) Some students don’t listen when I talk.

m) Some students continually chat with their friends during class.

n) Some students ask irrelevant questions throughout class.

o) Some students play with gadgets like Mp3 players and cell phones.

p) Some students do their homework for another class during my class.

q) Some students never bring their books or supplies to class.

r) Some students interrupt me all the time when I am giving instructions or talking.

s) Some students don’t do their homework.

t) My students have a very wide range of abilities.

What other common problems do you or teachers at your school face?


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  2. Thomas E Topham

    “This continues until it gets boring” is always the correct answer when someone asks me for timing of my sessions or lessons, LOL. Or maybe the mastery level answer is “do it right up to that moment when it has just stopped being maximally interesting”?

    Making toast is easy
    It isn’t hard to guess
    Cook until it burns, and then
    Twenty seconds less

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