Teacher in LaLa land

A thoughtful and interesting post from a recent WordPress convertee. The author compares how she thinks her learners will improve their writing skills and how they think they will improve.

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Teacher in Lala land

How I think my learners will improve their writing skills and how they think they will improve is a completely different story. I ask CCQs and ICQS, but I don’t really ask them much about how they think they can improve their English.
I had a CAE writing class the other day, the focus was on writing an essay.  The students were asked to suggest ways they can improve their writing skills and in particular:

  • vocabulary
  • structures
  • grammar & spelling
  • punctuation
  • layout
  • formal/informal language
  • developing paragraphs
  • linking words and linking sentences together

Now, before I move on to tell you what their answers were, I would like to tell you that my learners are C1 level learners, in their teens, and they have been taking English classes for quite some time now. They have written tons of essays and we have spent hours discussing what makes…

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  1. joannamalefaki

    Thanks for sharing my post. I really think that from time to time we need to ask learners questions about how they go about learning, what they think will help them, and maybe through their answers adapt our teaching, their homework etc. Once again thanks for sharing. I am new to Word press. Had no idea what re blogging is or how it works. So, double thanks : D

    • mikecorea

      My pleasure. I have been enjoying your blog for a while and I wanted to reblog something in a “welcome to WordPress housewarming” gesture and this post seemed perfect. I also appreciated the reminder/point about asking learners about questions like this so I thank you!

  2. Rose Bard

    Welcome to the WordPress world Joanna and thanks Mike for reblogging it! I’m glad I met your blog. I’m sure I’m going to enjoy reading it. 🙂 The idea of letting learners think about their own learning is close to my heart. 🙂

  3. joannamalefaki

    Thanks Rose!! You Word press residents are really nice and welcoming!!! : ) Yeap, it’s all about the learners!!

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