Second World Congress on Extensive Reading prices

Filled with righteous indignation** upon hearing about the price differences for those in/out of Korea I posted something on the Facebook group for the event. I wrote something like, “I was quite surprised to note the price difference. I apologize if this is not the proper venue ” A Korean teacher didn’t know what I meant so I very clearly spelled it out for her showing the exact prices for people in and out of Korea and she finally responded “too expensive!” I think this rubbed some folks the wrong way. Anyway, I got a private message from a friend sort of half chastising me for bringing it up in public.
(To which I half apologized for not knowing he was involved and for airing my grievance in the wrong place)

Anyway, I took the thread on FB down but this is what my friend had written before I did so.

The international prices are in line with the “normal” fees one would expect to pay for an international conference of this size, in fact they are lower than Japan for WC1… the local fees have been made lower because Korean conferences are traditionally so low… the conference is caught between the devil and the deep blue see… charge Korean prices for all and we can’t afford all the great speakers, charge international prices for all and few Koreans will come. This is a complex issue which went through much debate. As with all decisions made by the conference committee to which I was privy the best interests of all conference goers were considered. As an “international” now myself currently residing outside of Korea, I’d prefer to pay to guarantee myself the best speakers in the field, and as a fervent supporter of ER I’d be happy to know hundreds of Korean teachers/academics will be at the conference as a result of our collaboration with KAFLE and that the continuing progress of the ER movement in Korea might be encouraged. Also many overseas guests are on grants, or come with support of their school or government. I would suggest comments such as “too expensive” are not informed by the reality of the situation.

I’d probably  prefer to pay a bit more if it meant that interested people would come. I guess I am done ruffling feathers on this one for the day. 🙂 I hope this helps make sense of things or is at least mildly interesting.

**My personal indignation concern was Korea seeming cheap and poor as compared to other countries and having interested folks not come because of the price discrepancy.


One comment

  1. Tim Knight

    The concern at the end is the valid point. The price itself is reasonable all things considered.

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