Guest posts on ELTRRR

In roughly the order in which Google gave them to me.

I am a used car
by Anonymous

Teaching is Measurable 
by Hana Tichá

University Conversation Courses: A last chance effort? 
by Tim Thompson 

Guest Post on Technology and Motivation 
by Chris Wilson

Why do I work in hogwon? 
by Anonymous

Five reasons my conference presentations are better than the others 
by Tim Thompson 

Rant about education in France
by Anonymous

The importance of teaching culture to EFL students
by Ljiljana Havran

Ranty thoughts on something that no longer matters (KOTESOL Intl Conference 2014)
by Michael Chesnut

Native speakers in Korean public schools were destined to fail 
by Anonymous

Destined to fail? Not always. (Well, maybe)
by Michael Free

A response to “Native speakers in Korean public schools were destined to fail” 
by Manpal Sahota



My sincere apologies if I somehow happened to miss one. I just used Google and not my brain. If i missed something please feel free to get in touch and I will fix it.

And in case it is not obvious the anonymous writers are not the same person.