Excuses for why I was so atrocious at responding to comments

I am pretty sure whatever reasons I type won’t really make better but anyway I feel like writing something.

Why have I been so crappy at responding to comments for nearly 6 months?

Mostly it is a timing issue. When I am online I am often working and think that replying to comments will be better when I have more time. Those moments don’t seem to come.

I think it started around the time of JALT conference and I figured I’d just put things off a bit until I had more time. Then I was on vacation and not online much and then it was the start of the term. And then and then and then.

These days I am writing most of my posts when I am offline so it is easier to concentrate on writing. This does nothing to cut down on the backlog of comments I didn’t respond to.

In the past I have tried not to write anything new before responding to previous comments and this worked pretty well. Somehow I am always over confident I will catch up on commenting but it never happens. And then one day leads into the next and days turn into weeks and weeks into months. Very sad really.

Another excuse would be that I don’t want to respond immediately because I want to let the conversation flow on its own. Sometimes this happens but then I don’t get back to the comments and keep on procrastinating and the viscious circle remains intact.

It might sound like a lie but I truly do value the comments I have received even if it feels to me that I might not really deserve them. So thank you very much to those who took the time the comment and my belated apologies for responding so late.


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