A very PLNny dream

What follows is bits and pieces of a bizarre dream I had recently. And before you ask, I have no plan or chance to go to Brazil anytime soon. 

I arrived in Brasil and I was very excited about my time to come there. I can only assume it was for a conference. I was super tired upon arrival but felt happy to meet familiar people. Next thing I knew I was at Roselli Serra’s house. I think she picked me up at the airport. Thanks Roselli! She and her family were very kind and fun. Since I was so tired Roselli’s family set me up with a place to lie down. There was a huge monitor there in the room I watched some sort of web meeting discussion thing with Scott Thornbury and Anne Hendler. It seemed like they didn’t know it was being broadcast all over the internet because they were just talking to each other with no concern of or for the audience.

Soon it was time to get going. I think we were going to meet Rose Bard somewhere for dinner or something. I feel like maybe there was going to be drinks involved. As we were preparing to leave it became clear that I was taking much longer than expected. I might have been doing my hair much longer than anyone could have reasonably expected. So I made everyone late. I was feeling guilty but I had to make my hair as fab as possible. With my hair finally done I was ready to go.

As I was approaching the car (I think it was Juan Alberto Lopez Uribe who was also waiting along with Roselli) I remembered I forgot my money. My travel bag contained meticulously arranged envelops filled with currency from around the world. I grabbed the Brazil pack and was ready to go. But on my way to the car there were all these strangers asking me questions and making me later. I was conflicted about making things later but the questions were tough to ignore.

I finally escaped from the horde of question-askers to find Juan and Roselli waiting mostly patiently for me. They said it was ok and that they understood but I was feeling bad anyway. Then, we were off. Roselli was driving. Roselli was not a great driver (haha) but she was a very good host and was very good at explaining what we were seeing. The scenery was lovely and there was some great views of water as we drove along some windy roads. I learned some words in Brazilian Portuguese along the way and it was a great ride. Then I woke up. 


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