MOOCS, PLNs, & iTDi: Taking advantage of professional development opportunities in the digital era

That is quite a long title for a blog post. I suppose it’s also a long title for a conference presentation. As luck would have it, that’s exactly the title of a presentation I’m doing at CAMTESOL very soon. My idea for the session is to just introduce some places, spaces and groups for those interested in dipping their toes into online professional development.

Here is the abstract: Are you interested  in professional development online? Are you familiar with the term “PLN?” Do you know how to start one? Do you know the benefits of having one? Have you heard of iTDi? Do you know about all the great learning, mentorship and community building within this group? What about MOOCs? Are you aware of what they are and how they run? Do you know about the wide variety of MOOCs offered and which ones might be a good match for English teachers in the Mekong Valley? If you answered yes to any of these questions perhaps this interactive session will be a good fit for you. Participants can expect to hear some inspiring stories about teacher’s experiences with PLNs, MOOCs, and iTDi. Further, participants can expect some advice on how to get started with these and how to make the best use of the tools available in the digital era for professional development. 

In addition to sharing some advice I mostly just wanted to let the audience know what is out there and give something of a taster of professional development opportunities online.

Here is my not at all fancy Powerpoint that contains a bunch of links:

If you have any additional suggestions for MOOCS, or already made PLNs (think #ELTchat) you think would be of interest to the teachers who attend my session please leave them in the comments!


  1. Marek Kiczkowiak

    Hi Mike,
    I run online courses on TEFL Equity Academy: Not sure if they fit with the focus of your talk, but if they do, I’d be really grateful if you could mention them 🙂

    • mikecorea

      Thank you Marek. That is a very good idea. I saw some very interesting talks yesterday by Lim Sovannarith who had a lot to say about Cambodian teachers thoughts on being NNESTs and more. It seemed to pique the attention of the audience as well. You might check out Lims’ upcoming article with Anne Burns.

      I hope those who attended my session yesterday and follow up here on the blog will see your link!

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