12 Reasons Why

Twelve Potential Reasons I Haven’t Been Blogging Much Lately

  1. I am typing a lot of other things so blogging sort of gets de-prioritized all the time. Too much typing is not good for my soul. I’m doing a fair amount of work online and there is always something else to do so I can’t really find the mental space to blog. I guess my mind gets focused on the other work and deadlines. Perhaps my brain is not allowed to wonder  and wander and conjure up blog posts as easily as in the past.  These days, I’m doing a fair amount of work online and there is always something else to do so I can’t really find the mental space to blog. This is too say that my mind gets focused on the other work and is perhaps not allowed to wonder and conjure up blog posts as easily as in the past. This point (with mental space and time) might actually be two points but let’s not worry about that.
  2. I have been rubbish responding to comments lately so I feel guilty writing something without responding to previous comments.
    I have just now decided to once again grant myself amnesty on previous comments. In the future I might end up not having comments for certain posts or time periods. I enjoy and appreciate comments but can never find the right time to get back to people and I think it’s poor form not to respond. In fact, assuming I’ve done it correctly, this post is not set up for comments.
  3. I’m sort of sick of sitting down so much.  I don’t think it was so great for my health back in the day so I try to limit my time sitting. As they say, sitting is the new smoking.
  4. My work on editing and curating the New School MATESOL blog takes away from time I might otherwise spent on my own blog.
  5. Working on work for the ELT Workshop is something else that takes some time between classes and everything else.
  6. Nomentum. I think it’s one of those things where getting started and having a bit of momentum is the best way to stay with it. After a few months off it can be hard to start. One might think the first post after a hiatus should be a great one or perfect or something like this. I am happy to re-start my posting with a lazy listicle post such as this.
  7. Back in 2012 and 2013 there were lots of folks in Korea blogging and it was just a little bit like Christmas to wake up and see what people were writing.
  8. Much of what I wrote in the past was based on my time as a teacher trainer and I have not been doing much of this face to face lately.
  9. Looking back on my prime blogging era of 2012-2013 I had a lot of rants and ideas built up over time that were percolating for a while. I have been in my current main job in Seoul for about 7 years now and things are somewhat settled there in the work. There are of course interesting moments and questions and ideas but it’s not quite as dramatic or drastic in my mind.
  10. I am not as much of a maniac about trying to present as much as I can. Back in the day I’d try to present at least 10 times a year and this fed right into the blogging.
  11. My home country is, ahem, destabilized. It’s sometimes hard to prioritize blogging. I find it difficult to, say, dive into the intricacies of ICQs when my home country’s political situation is so chaotic. It’s sometimes hard to muster the outrage of a good rant when the news provides an excess of outrage.
  12. It’s totally fine not to blog and no big deal if I don’t. That said, I enjoy/enjoyed blogging.

I fully realize some of these might sound like weak excuses or something similar. They are just a few thoughts that came to mind as I stepped back to think about my blogging habits this year. Interestingly (?) I started this list at some point in July and finally got around to posting it now early in September. I also want to be clear that I’m not blaming anyone else! When I re-read point 9 I worried it might sound like I’m blaming others which is not at all the case. I believe it’s not about blame but rather some factors that when all added together help explain the relative lack of action here in ELT Rantsland.
I won’t make any promises but please stay tuned as their might be more on the way soon. Thank you for reading.



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