#30GoalsEdu: Send a Future Message

It is my great pleasure to reblog and share this post from Maria MariaTheologidou (aka @MariaTheo1) a new Worpress Convertee. In the post she sends a letter to her future self which really appeals to me. She has lots of interesting posts on her blog and a few others I’d recommend are:

Bye Bye Bad Habits

Share your edtech success story

Letter to my #youngerteacherself 

I also recommend checking out her fantastic singing (in this case with Fluency MC)

Welcome to the WP neighborhood, Maria!


The future is always a promise; a promise for a brighter, more enjoyable version of life or for the moment we will be able to live our dreams. It’s inextricably tied to the present though. As Shakespeare wrote, “It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”. Our present actions/decisions determine what our future will look like and build the way towards it. Talking about the future and our expectations of it is an essential part of my lessons, especially my first back-to-school ones. Since the future might be intimidating, I want my students to feel that by setting small goals they can accomplish their bigger dreams and that anything is possible provided they work towards it.

Here are some of the future message activities I work on with my classes:

  • Something I do with younger students is to ask them to write a “gift letter” to…

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