Reverse! (A reblog and a welcome)

I believe it is no secret to those who read my blog or follow me on Twitter that I am a very big fan of Hana Tichá (or Hana Teacher, as she is known in my brain). I think I first became aware of her blog in late 2013. I mentioned her blog here in 2014 as one of the blogs I was looking forward to that year. My expectations were more than met as Hana was prolific, thoughtful, thought-provoking, interesting and entertaining. If I had to file any complaints they’d be that she wrote too much to keep up with all the great stuff she was writing and that she was writing on Blogger. Both “problems” were surely surmountable but it seems that only the former will (luckily!) remain as she has recently migrated from Blogger to WordPress. In keeping with the tradition of welcoming new bloggers to the WordPress cartel family I’d like to share a post from Hana here. The post I am sharing is one I missed when it first came out. I urge you to read all her posts. It’s a great blog.

And here is the post about much more than the order to follow when using coursebooks. Reverse!.
(I guess this wasn’t strictly a reblog but anyway please visit Hana’s blog in its new home)


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