14 relatively unexciting things about me, this blog, blogging, this year, and so on

1.  No preamble or preramble, we are just getting right into the list here. I still cannot believe how much I like blogging. I never would have thought I’d do it, let alone like it or get much out of it.  My thanks, as always, goes to Josette LeBlanc for being such a diligent and persuasive “blog pusher.”

2.  Last year around this time I was tasked with sharing 11 facts about myself. It was something I put off doing for a while and then enjoyed.

3.  I like lists. I do. I think it is somewhat sad to see the listification and clickbaiting that goes on in the internet world these days. After two listicle posts in a row I hope to get back to paragraphs soon.

4.  Oh shit, I just remembered that I have one more list on my mind.  I previously wrote a post called “Sorry for judging” where I listed some things that bothered me in the past but don’t these days. I am still thinking about “12 things which to cause me to judge you” or something like this. Stay tuned. I’ll be wearing my judgey pants whilst drinking haterade.

5.  One of the apparently many things that irk me is when connected people say things like “there are no ELT blogs anymore.” This reeks of laziness, at best, to me. I know I have mentioned this a few times, but c’mon people!

6.  Damn, that means another upcoming listy post for me is sharing and recommending new(er) blogs that have caught my attention. I think it is nice to mix a bit of positivity and celebration with the occasional spite and bile that can also appear here.

7.  Some interesting (to me at least) search terms that led readers to this blog this year were:

happy  new year kotesol my husband
party time excellent
TPS reports 
many variations on “how to study like a Korean (student)”
flashy lesson plans
stephen krashen personal life

female urination contest 
learn random crap

8.  This year I set a target for blog hits per month and I will come quite close to reaching it. It was sort of bothersome and even stressful on occasion but it was also sometimes nice motivation to write. I shall not do the same thing next year. One interesting result of this target was how it caused me to be a bit more self-promotional than I might have otherwise been. I think it is an interesting balance between being annoying and needy and simply sharing stuff. I suspect I am not the only one who has considered this balance. I’d prefer potentially interested people to read my stuff but I don’t to be spamming people or groups.

9.  This is my 59th post of the year. This number includes guest posts, interviews, and everything else. I (secretly and silently) set 50 posts as my goal for 2013 and that seems like a workable number for me. I have a feeling this will not be my last post of the year. We shall see.

10. I think in 2015 I will play around a bit more with the “publish later” function here on WordPress. I think I only managed to use it once in 2014. (In case you are the very curious type it was the post called “Burgers, language, culture, confusion, and headaches“)

11.  My post from 2014 that had me thinking the most after writing it was  on Confucianism and teaching English, mostly because of the reactions it garnered. It makes me chuckle thinking there are likely some folks who’ve read my blog only once and walked away thinking I was exactly the type of person I was trying to lampoon. Oh well, I guess that is life.

12.  I’ve done a horrible job responding to comments in the last few months, after being mostly prompt for the rest of the year. It is terrible and not something I am happy about. I even considered disabling the comments as something of a punishment to myself. I also considered not posting till all the comments had been responded to. In the end I just kept posting and figured I’d get to the comments “later” when I had more time. I guess that time is now and I *should get to the comments soon. I will elaborate on my excuses here, it’s mostly that when I have time online unencumbered by other work I tend to spend that time writing posts and sort of put commenting on the back burner. Then the days spill over into each other and that thing I wanted to do gets pushed to the next day only to be less of a priority than other things. I wondered if seasoned bloggers or rapid comment responders could share some tips on this? I promise to respond promptly!

13.  One running joke and stream of updates I had going on Twitter was that I’d not use the sign off “Best” for the whole year. I can report I only used it once. It was a complete mistake caused by habit and I laughed when I hit send. It was the 5th message I sent that day to that person and it just kind of happened. Thank you for all the support and interest on this matter throughout the year. While I failed in this mission, I can still hold my head high because I believe I have mostly eliminated the desire to use this sign off. I will surely admit to using, “My best” and “Best regards” numerous times. “Best wishes” seems odd to me in an email sign off.

14.  Thanks very much for reading this and other posts. Best wishes for 2015.


  1. Rob Dickey

    ‘Best (wishes/regards)’ is phraseology I don’t remember seeing in US except in things clearly written from across the sea (UK and Brit-influenced Asia). I used ‘Sincerely’, which seemed the predominant form.

    After a few years in Korea I transitioned to ‘Best’ as it seems far more used in the ELT community.

    Could be an interesting linguistic study!

  2. mikecorea

    A very belated reply here, Rob.
    (Thanks for commenting).
    Lots of online friends came out very strongly against “best,’ calling it extremely insincere and unclear (best what??). As I mentioned in the post I managed to wean myself of off best in 2014. I don’t even miss it anymore.Your observation that “Best wishes/regards” is more of a British think is very interesting to me as I’d assumed it was everywhere this whole time. Very interesting indeed!

  3. Clare

    Even more belated response from me!!
    Just wanted to say, I (from UK) do use “Best regards”, but to me “Best wishes” is what I would write in something like a birthday card, not an everyday email… And I also find just “Best” rather abrupt and odd…Just my tuppence worth!

  4. mikecorea

    Thank you! Belated is great. Thanks for the thoughts, Clare!
    I have successfully avoided “best” for quite some time now.
    I think I am with you on “best wishes” being somewhat off for an email. I don’t think I see it very often, come to think of it.

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