Linguistic Landscapish pictures from Taiwan

The end of summer holidays seems to me like an ideal time to share pictures from the winter. While I was in Taiwan this winter I snapped a few pictures that caught my interest as a beginner in caring about and noticing linguistic landscapes. I figured I’d share some of them here for the fun of it and also because I thought some of the pictures were interesting. All pictures were taken on my Samsung Note 1. No filter. Those interested in something more scholarly can check out this ELT Journal article from earlier in the year. Enjoy!



20140116_175619 (1)

Just landscape.



One of these days I will have to share some pictures from Seoul. Speaking of Seoul, I am aiming to set some students on a mini project to grab some interesting photos of linguistic landscapes around Seoul. I will likely share the results here. If you have had any success with similar projects or have any suggested readings please do get in touch.






  1. mikecorea

    🙂 I am glad you enjoyed this post. As you can see, it took me ages to get around to posting it. I will start waiting for pics of Malaga starting now.

    I liked the Moooooooo Pho one best as well. I will never tell you how much time I spent deciding if the caption should be what I wrote or something “mo fo” based. 😉

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