The Power of Being Connected: Rethinking Uses of the Internet in ELT [Webinar]

Hello! This is a short blog post to let you know about a webinar I will be conducting next week with Laura Adele Soracco. The starting time is 7:00 am here in Seoul on Friday, July 11th (which means it is the same for the rest of Korea and Japan as well) which is 6:00 pm in New York on Thursday the 10th (and the whole east coast of the US). For other times around the world please check this link. If the time is ok with you and you are free, I’d love to see you there.

If you are reading this blog my assumption is that you are among the more well-connected English Language Teachers around but I still hope there will be some things of interest for you.

As part of our preparation for this webinar we conducted a quick survey on how teachers are using the internet in their teaching careers. I have been thrilled with the responses so far (thanks!) and if you’d like to complete the survey you can still do so here.

In the webinar, Laura and I hope to share our enthusiasm for being connected teachers and offer some advice on how to do so.
We are also hoping to address some typical concerns teachers have about getting connected online. Some of the common concerns seem to be issues related to time, lack of awareness on how to get started, and the fear of distraction and overload. What suggestions and strategies do you have for these concerns? I feel like I am not a great person to talk about limiting the distractions online as this is very much still a concern for me.  Any advice is welcome!

Here is the abstract:
Are you integrating the global staff room into your everyday teaching practice? Using the internet for professional development and engaging with online communities can appear overwhelming; however, building a Professional Learning Network and participating in ELT communities online help teachers to both broaden their teaching perspectives and provide access to the rich and diverse global staff room. In this webinar, the presenters will share online experiences, resources and strategies for teachers to maximize the Internet as a resource. Additionally, the presenters will recommend some spaces, people, and organizations they believe are helpful for English language teachers.

Here is the link to a recorded version of the webinar.

Here is the link to the resources we recommended in the webinar and many more. 




  1. Matthew

    Fantastic! I’ll do my best to be there for sure. This is so so right up my alley it’s not even funny. Looks really good! It’s a small ELT world, I nearly sorta didn’t kinda met Laura at TESOL in Portland – she was hooking up with Autumn (@TESOLatRennert) right after Diane L-F’s mindblowing talk. Anyhoo….until then!

  2. mikecorea

    Thanks so much for the comments (and potential participation) Matthew.
    I know I still owe you some comments on a previous post but my excuse is related to prepping for this. Sometime soon.
    (I am pretty sure you are not worried about it but I am and I wanted to mention it)

    I was actually thinking of you today, in relation to the distraction and overload points as you mentioned on (your recently renamed?) blog here:
    Thanks for that, too!

    Take care and talk to you soon!

  3. careymicaela

    Hi there. Looks like an interesting webinar and I’d like to join but it starts at midnight here. I’ll do my best to stay awake til then!! We’ll see. 🙂

    • mikecorea

      Hi Micaela!
      The timing is not really ideal for your timezone or mine! 😉
      Of course we’d love to have you but of course we also fully understand if you can’t make it (or stay up).


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    • mikecorea

      Hello Ben,
      It is always nice to hear from you.
      I just heard there will be a recording. I will be sure to share it as it becomes available.
      Thanks for the interest!

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  6. careymicaela

    Just watched the recording of the webinar- really kicking myself for not joining live! Thanks for all the great resources and strategies. My head is buzzing with ideas. 😀

    • mikecorea

      Hi Micaela, Thanks so much for watching and commenting. I am very happy the webinar (even the recording) could cause you to buzz with ideas. 🙂 I am really glad we could share the link and that you took the time to watch it. Thanks! And best of luck with all the ideas and everything!

      On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 7:36 PM, ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections wrote:


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