It is Friday May 9th, 2014. I am home at my PC with this blog page open and many tasks on plate and on my mind. I may or may not have a beverage in front of me. This figures to be a short blog post with some brief updates on some things going on in May. It is already May. You know that thing when you make commitments for later on in the seemingly distant future and then suddenly that future becomes the present? That is what I am experiencing at the moment. Rather than face those things right now I have decided to shamelessly share some things that are going on in the next few days and weeks. I will just get right to it.** All the times listed are Korea time, cuz that is where I live.

1. #KELTchat on Critical Pedagogy with guest moderator Divya Madhavan
May 11th at 8:00 pm
I am so happy Divya will be joining us in the chat and guest moderating.  She also wrote three great blog posts related to the chat that I’d urge anyone to read even if you have no chance or intention of joining the chat. Here is part 1  (on Cultural Capital) and part 2 on the Hidden Curriculum and  part 3 which is on the Banking Model of Education. These posts are seriously good and like everything on Divya’s blog come highly recommended by me. Finally, you can find more details on the chat here at the KELTchat homepage including a link that will tell you exactly when this chat will occur in your part of the world and how many hours away it is.

2. BELTA Webinar: “All About Feedback from Students”  by me
May 11th at 11:00 pm
Here is what the abstract says:
Most English language teachers would likely agree it is important to collect feedback from students. Of course, there are many reasons for collecting student feedback, many ways of collecting it, and many options for using the feedback once it is collected. In this interactive webinar we will explore student feedback and some of the related hows and whys. Through exploring the experiences and beliefs of the audience as well as his own experiences, thoughts and beliefs the presenter will help the audience think about their own styles and reasons for collecting feedback. Participants can expect to hear different techniques for collecting feedback as well as strategies for using the feedback collected. Participants will hopefully walk away with both ideas for collecting feedback and a new perspective on this important area.
And, as luck would have it that is what I am hoping to do. I guess I could say more about this but I am worried it might be a spoiler and keep you from joining. Here is the related link with more info including the webinar link.

4. KOTESOL National Conference Presentation: “You are doing it wrong. Maybe” by me 
May 31 time TBA
In Daegu, South Korea
Here is the link for the conference itself.
And here is a link that includes pretty much only my abstract for now and will hopefully someday include some related thoughts.
(If you are only going to click on one link don’t make it this one!)

5. KOTESOL National Conference Presentation: “Is South Korea really in the post-method era?” by me
May 31 time TBA
I was shocked this topic/abstract was accepted. The theme of the conference is “Principled Eclecticism” and my mission in my presentation is to say something along the lines of “Not so fast folks. I am not sure if we are there yet (as much as I might like to be).” You can see the abstract here (and I am hoping to add some related thoughts as they occur to me and as deadlines loom more intimidatingly).





**In the middle of writing this I took a sudden but helpful break and watched a great presentation from the great Sandy Millin on “Five ways to raise your professional profile



  1. Ben Naismith

    No!!!!! I think I’ve just missed your talk by one hour. Went out to try to sign a lease for my place and didn’t make it back in time. Very frustrating.

    • mikecorea

      You are not alone Ben. Thanks for thinking of me and planning to come. It was lots of fun (for me at least). I can share the slides if that will help?

      On Mon, May 12, 2014 at 1:58 AM, ELT Rants, Reviews, and Reflections wrote:


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