#KELTchat happenings


Well, hello there. I just finished an enlightening (not to mention fun and funny) Twitter chat with some of my friends from #AUSELT and I am feeling inspired about online professional development and online communities. This is just a very quick post with some #KELTchat related updates. What is #KELTchat? Clicking here will help you with that question.  I’m going to share two updates below. Just FYI the #KELTchat Facebook page is also a good resource for updates (and much more including articles and links and generally adult conversation).

The first update is the return of #KELTchat, which is scheduled for March 9th, 2014. A preview for the chat can be found here. The topic is “Being a Whole Teacher: Personal Development for Teachers.” I think it is going to be an interesting and important chat. I think it will be a special chat because Josette LeBlanc will be participating as an expert moderator.  Also, as the preview says, “Although there’s a K in #KELTchat, this topic is a global issue and we invite our friends around the world to join this chat” which means that everyone is welcome.

The second update relates to an upcoming #KELTchat presentation. Anne Hendler, Alex “TBV” Grevett and I will be presenting at the annual Seoul KOTESOL Conference on March 29th. Our title is “#KELTchat (live and) Unplugged” and we will have a mix of what the group is about and how to get involved as well as face-to-face (technology free and Twitterless) discussions about a few issues we think would be of interest to English teachers in Korea. The theme of the conference is, “Think Global, Teach Local” and the keynote speaker is Sandra McKay (!!). If that is not enough to persuade you (assuming you are in Korea) to come then perhaps some cheeky #KELTchatbeverages might do the trick? Let me know if you will be around or if you have any questions or comments or anything.


  1. Rob Dickey

    Here’s a crazy idea inspired by a silly TV show about speed-texting. How about somewhat texting a quasi-transcript of the #KELTchat presentation l Seoul KOTESOL Conference on March 29th (including links as available, maybe also some photos?). Why? I can’t attend Seoul, as I’ll be at TESOL International (Portland) that weekend. But would love to see a “transcript”… Any volunteers?

  2. mikecorea

    Hello Rob,
    First of all, have a great time at TESOL. I will happily admit to a certain amount of jealousy from here.
    As for your idea, it has been passed along to #KELTchat towers and we might be able to cook something up. I’ll be sure to let you know what we end up doing. Thanks for the response and idea! And congratulations on seizing the title as the most frequent commentor here on this blog.

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