1. teachersreflect

    MA is more about development of research skills rather than being focused on classroom teaching practice. However, it is surely possible to integrate the assumptions underlying theories into teaching. So I agree with the writer that there may have been certain changes in his teaching.

    On the other hand, the more practical approach to teaching can be gained through DELTA. It is more specific and thus to the point.

  2. teachersreflect

    DELTA is focused more on a practical approach to teaching, whereas MA can also be a factor in the enrichment of classroom practices if the assumptions underlying theories can be integrated into classroom practices. So the writer is not wrong in stating that his teaching has changed. Finally, anything done for professional development is worth the money, time, and effort.

  3. nathanghall

    I get the argument that a Delta is more practical than an MA, but that totally depends on the program. The MA TESOL I was in ran concurrent classes that split the more theoretical in one stream and the practical application in the other. The assignment at the end of the semester integrated the two streams and was meant to be applied to your current teaching situation.

    Having a theoretical foundation is critical to making sure what you do is valid and helpful. The overgeneralization that Delta is better than an MA or vice versa is not that helpful. You need to do your homework in regards to that particular program instead of taking sides. It may be that this MA is what you need or you are better off with a Delta. It is up to that individual.

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