1. esltasks

    color-coding is always a great way to go for lots of things in the classroom. nice application for feedback. i used shape-coding last semester.

  2. Manpal

    Thanks Mike for this very timely post. I was planning to do this tomorrow with my course participants and then later just respond to their feedback orally (as I have done it the past), but I really like your idea of typing up the comments and writing the number of times the comment came up. I think that will really help to show what their peers are thinking and help me to scaffold my feedback on their feedback.

  3. geoffjordan

    Hi Mike,

    I hope you’ll allow me to suggest a tangential classroom activity.

    When I was DOS of ESADE Idiomas, I got the technician to make 10 sets of “Traffic LIghts”. The device consisted of 3 lights, red, yellow and green, mounted in a box which the operator could control by using a connected control stick which would turn one of the colours on. The teacher used the “Traffic LIghts” by initiating a discussion and turning her back to the class. Whenever any student made a mistake, the teacher would press the red button, and the red light would come on. Students were thus alerted to a mistake, which they would then try to correct, without any help from the teacher. When they got it right, the green light would come on and they continued. If they got in a mess, the teacher pressed the yellow button which meant “Never mind – carry on”. The teacher took notes which were used in feedback after the discussion had ended. I hope everybody gets the idea. It proved very popular with students.

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