Pictures from #Seoul


  1. Martin Sketchley (@ELTExperiences)

    Some wonderful pictures of Seoul. That one of WSE is it displayed on an electronic screen which changes the image every few seconds? It looks different in each of the pictures. Just a guess. Keep up the pictures. They are wonderful. Would love to see some nature pictures of Korea outside of Seoul if you have a chance.

    • mikecorea

      Hey Martin! Thanks for the comments. The WSE pics were actually a series of columns at Gangnam station, meaning that each one was a separate ad. I wish I got a shot of the whole thing. It was a pretty impressive of (mostly) white good looking folks having a good time and being cool.

      I am glad you enjoyed the photos here. It was a bit of a change from my usual text heavy blogging.

      I think I will try to include more pics in the future. I tried to choose pictures related to English and education and linguistic landscapes and things like this. I don’t actually have too many good nature shots (i actually don’t have a camera aside from the one on my phone.) I can recommend my friend’s site, however. There are some incredible shots here, nature and otherwise.

      Thanks again for the comments!

      Cheers, Mike

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