Why use video to learn English? A debate.

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Here is an article that appeared in the recent magazine – The English Connection. It is in the form of an email debate between a teacher in Korea, Michael Griffin and David Deubelbeiss, the Director of Education here at EnglishCentral.  A nice read about using video to learn and teach English. Published here with permission.

Dear Michael,

With all due respect, if video killed the radio, it certainly won’t have any problem with the immobile book. The book can’t even call out for help!

I jest, but only a little. It truly is a “move over Gutenburg” moment and for language teachers video offers the amazing benefit of bringing the real world into the classroom. And hasn’t that always been the problem with the classroom? It’s an artifice, it’s not real, it’s fake and a fraud. If we must have it, at least we can make it less…

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